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2024 Goals?

Hey all, what are your goals for 2024?

For me, I'm trying to reduce debt as much as possible. My wife sold her Cummins and downsized to a newer 2021 Ram 1500. She loves it and we saved a lot of money. I hope to put a 6 inch lift kit and new wheels on her truck very soon. I am still trying to sell my 2023 F350 build but when I do, I'll probably buy another used Cummins as the goal is to maintain a diesel truck, but reduce my monthly debt. I am also working on a new 2016 Harley Davidson Road King bike build currently. I love to start teaching myself how to powder coat and weld as a side hobby as I like working/building with my hands. I really want to start my own homebuilding business in 2025 but in order to do that I have to clean a bunch of financial things up this year. Let me know what you guys are all up to?

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